Botanical Garden

Our Kimono de Jack group visited a botanical garden last month! We were on the hunt for wisteria; unfortunately heavy rains the week before blew away all of the blossoms! However, the rest of the garden still had some blooms, so we were still able to enjoy some flowers. 🙂 Advertisements

Kimono de Jack December Meetup

Kimono de Jack: Greater Washington, DC had their December meeting yesterday! We went to an exhibition at the Freer Sackler Gallery entitled “Sōtatsu: Making Waves“, which I highly recommend. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed inside. Afterwards, we went to the Kyoto Kimono trunk show down the hall, and then to the Torpedo Factory Art Center…

KDJ Swap Meet

Kimono de Jack of Greater Washington DC had a swap meet yesterday! I had a lot of fun, and came home with sooo many pretty things! ^^

Kimono de Jack 5th Anniversary

Today is the 5th anniversary of Kimono de Jack! Kimono de Jack was originally started by eleven kimono-lovers in Kyoto, Japan. These people loved kimono and felt that there was a need to create opportunities to wear these wonderful garments. The original eleven members advertised through Twitter, hoping to “jack” or occupy a place and…