Go Hime 姫の世界へ Magazine

The day is finally here!!! After 2 years of hard work and coordination by a wonderful team of people, the first volume of Go Hime 姫の世界へ is now live!

KDJ Cherry Blossom Festival Cruise

I attended the Kimono de Jack Cherry Blossom Festival Cruise yesterday! (Oh, and did I mention that I’d dyed my hair bright green for St. Patrick’s Day? Cuz I did.)

Kimono de Jack 5th Anniversary

Today is the 5th anniversary of Kimono de Jack! Kimono de Jack was originally started by eleven kimono-lovers in Kyoto, Japan. These people loved kimono and felt that there was a need to create opportunities to wear these wonderful garments. The original eleven members advertised through Twitter, hoping to “jack” or occupy a place and…

Sushi Restaurant Meetup

It’s always great to make new kimono friends! I met up with a bunch of lovely fellow kimono lovers at a sushi restaurant last week. They had just finished up filming a collaborative presentation on the life cycle of silkworms as they relate to the production of kimono. You can read about the artist’s fascinating…

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy 2015, everyone! In other news, I now have a facebook, twitter, and tumblr! Come hang out with me there if you are so inclined.

Koi Show

We had a kimono meetup at a local koi show. 🙂

Gofuku no Hi 2014

Gofuku no Hi has come again! The name is derived from the date May 29th: 5-2-9 is go-fu-ku; gofuku also means traditional clothing. Because of the pronunciation, May 29th was made into an excuse to enjoy wearing kimono! There are no rules about Gofuku no Hi. Anyone can participate, wearing any kind of kimono, at…

Cherry Blossom Festival

We had an IG meet-up at the National Cherry Blossom Festival (aka Sakura Matsuri) in Washington DC. Lots of walking and soooo many people, but definitely worth it. Plus, I finally got to hear taiko drumming in person! That was an amazing experience.

Old Schoolin’ It

I was inspired by a kimono friend who wore an “East Meets West” outfit with a collared shirt under kimono. You can sometimes see old photos of men who wore such a style during the later part of the Meiji era. It looked so cool, that I had to try it myself!

Goodbye, Hello.

A belated goodbye to 2013 and a hello to 2014! I received this kimono and obi as a birthday present from my friend Choutama no Kimono ❤ I asked for roses, and she sent me the most beautiful outfit!