Happy New Year!

Happy 2016! I recently bought my very first synthetic kimono, and I just had to try it out! It’s hard to believe that it’s taken me around 6 years of wearing kimono to actually get one, but what can I say? Taisho silk calls to me lol. What finally made me break my silk obsession? Well, because it’s washable! Definitely a must-have now that I am taking kimono classes every month.

Besides the washability, there are many modern designs out there that I am falling in love with. But one of the more important aspects is that they fit me arm-length-wise! (even if the length is a tad bit too long…lucky me, I have short legs and long arms!) Vintage pieces are almost always too small in some aspect, so I am finding myself having to learn how to deal with all this extra fabric!

Not that I’ll be giving up the vintage pieces any time soon…I love Taisho Roman style too much! But it’s good to have at least some pieces that are a “proper” fit.

I dyed my hair purple and red ombre for the New Year, and decided to see what it looked like with my new kimono. Can you say stripes?! XD  I love it. I may wear this kimono again soon, actually…this was just a test run to see how it is when worn, and figure out any kinks needed when wearing.

Here’s a retrospective of my 2015 kimono coordinations!

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! I’m looking forward to 2016! Bring on the kimono!


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