The Travelling Kimono

I can finally share this awesome project that I have had the privilege of being able to participate in!

The Travelling Kimono is a project where one kimono is sent around the world to different kimono wearers, who then create an ensemble representing their personal tastes and style. Eventually it will have traveled to 16 countries and been worn by over 50 people! It’s an awesome project to spread kimono love over the world! ❤

Glen Echo Park is a former Art Deco style amusement park in Maryland which has been turned into a leading cultural center. Nearby the park is the Clara Barton House, which its namesake ran the American Red Cross out of for several years. But the park's crown jewel is the 1921 Dentzel Carousel, which is one of the oldest operating carousels, and currently in its 95th season. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. With 38 horses, 2 chariots, 4 rabbits, 4 ostriches, a lion, a tiger, a giraffe, and a prancing deer, I knew it was the perfect place to wear the Travelling Kimono. The carousel played a role in the Civil Rights Movement, and can also be seen in the 1989 movie Chances Are. It moves to the music of a Wurlitzer band organ, one of only 12 of this style that are known to exist.

I received the kimono just before my 25th birthday, which I celebrated by getting a purple mohawk. I decided to base my coordination off of this. I used a black, red and white obi to lighten up the outfit, and paired it with a white collared shirt and my favorite red cameo necklace. The amazing glasses are a gift from the awesome Uber Dandy Kimono. Add a purple obijime to match my hair, and some black and white shoes, and viola!

I had such a blast. What’s the point of being at an amusement park if you can’t have a little fun? 😉 Somehow the theme of the photoshoot became me trying to feed the various carousel animals, haha. I had a wonderful time! I encourage you all to like their Facebook page and follow the adventures of The Travelling Kimono!


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  1. I can’t believe how incredibly awesome your new hair looks with that kimono! The timing was perfect! The whole ensemble looks fabulous, and that carousel setting really works. I love how harmonious it is with the kimono, but also how much a sense of place it gives your Traveling Kimono interpretation. If I were art directing the Traveling Kimono book, I know who’d be on the cover! (^O^☆♪

    1. Aw, why thank you!!! (=^^=) I had an amazingly fun time with this shoot!!! ❤ Sometimes I just had to stop and stare at how beautiful the carousel was during it lol. And my hair is sooo much easier to wear kimono with now…no worrying about it hiding the collars in the back! 😉 And aww, you are the sweetest thing ever. Thank you so much for such amazing words. ❤

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