KDJ Swap Meet

Kimono de Jack of Greater Washington DC had a swap meet yesterday! I had a lot of fun, and came home with sooo many pretty things! ^^


My favorite items from this meet have got to be my new Hannya 般若 (demon mask) obi kazari (obi decoration) and an awesome lion Haori himo!!! I can’t wait to use them in a new coordination.

In other news, I have recently started taking kimono lessons from a certified teacher. Although I have been wearing kimono for over 6 years now (gosh has it really been that long?!), I’m mainly self-taught. Learning from the basics again with a professional has really helped me. I’m the type of person who learns through doing things, so having someone in person teach me has helped me grasp some things I wouldn’t be able to pick up otherwise! I’m super excited about it!


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