Ekoji Obon Festival

Yesterday, a few members of Kimono de Jack: Greater Washington DC attended an Obon festival at a local Buddhist temple. An Obon (お盆, or Bon ) festival honors one’s ancestors, and usually includes a Bon Odori, a dance during Obon that is specific to each region. My personal favorite dance is Tankō Bushi (炭坑節), or “Coal Mining Dance”, which is from Kyūshū.


The festival also had vendors, a kimono fashion show, and tours of the temple. After the dances were over for the night, there was a small candle-lighting ceremony where attendees could purchase candles to be lit in honor of their loved one’s memory. I have a few videos of us dancing the Bon Odori on my Facebook page.


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  1. Your pictures make this really feel like a Japanese O-Bon festival! And you all look great in kimono.

    1. Awwww, thanks! ^^ I didn’t realize it, but we all dressed in blue!

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