Kimono for New York Fashion Week 2016

There’s a very important and cool project happening right now…a Kickstarter to bring kimono to New York Fashion Week 2016!


“Kimono artisans and the art of kimono-making are on the verge of a crisis because of the reduction of the kimono market, the aging of artisans, and lack of their successors in Japan. It is estimated that most kimono manufacturers will have to discontinue their trade in as little as a decade due to these factors. In order to expand the kimono market to the world, kimono artisans plan to show their kimono outfits on stage at New York Fashion Week in February 2016, produced by Hiromi Asai. This project is organized by two non-profit organization, Kimono Hiro Inc. and Kimono Artisan Kyoto, in US and Japan, respectively.”

If the Kickstarter succeeds, this will be the world’s first crowdfunding-based fashion show on the standard venues at New York Fashion Week.

Hiromi believes that kimono should be recognized as universal clothing, free of ethnic and cultural boundaries. By showcasing kimono on the catwalks of New York, she hopes to both help save traditional artisan’s craft, as well as showcase the beauty of kimono to everyone around the world.

You can read her interview about the project here, view the Kickstarter page, or visit the project Facebook page.

Please support and help spread the word about this project. I am passionate about this goal, and truly believe that it is important to support this campaign, as the art of kimono creation is one full of tradition and hard work by extremely talented artisans. It would be a shame for such master craftsmen to have to give up their trade and for their knowledge to be lost simply because of a lack of those who are interested in preserving such a wonderful and traditional form of art. Right now funding has gotten slow, and if the Kickstarter does not reach full funding by the end of the month, then their dream of sharing the beauty of kimono and preserving the craft behind their creation on one of the world’s biggest fashion stages will be lost. Please consider helping in any way that you can.


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