Kimono de Jack 5th Anniversary

Today is the 5th anniversary of Kimono de Jack!

Kimono de Jack was originally started by eleven kimono-lovers in Kyoto, Japan. These people loved kimono and felt that there was a need to create opportunities to wear these wonderful garments. The original eleven members advertised through Twitter, hoping to “jack” or occupy a place and have fun while wearing a kimono. Five years later, it has spread and is now an international initiative, with divisions across the globe!

As part of the celebrations, every KDJ around the globe was asked to create an anniversary video to share with the main Kyoto branch. Our group was small (just the two main heads) due to scheduling conflicts, but we had a lot of fun!


Click here to view the video, and click here to view their Facebook page!


This is my last kitsuke with blue hair! I dyed it this weekend in honor of St. Patrick’s day…it’s now highlighter/neon green! (and blacklight reactant hahaha)


My obi is from my dear friend Choutama, and features one of my favorite flowers: Lily of the Valley! It’s a rather rare motif to find on kimono items, and we used to have them growing in our garden when I was growing up, so of course I fell in love with it immediately.


I love my friend’s kimono…it’s very chic and if I ever managed to steal it, I would wear it with a black collar Edo-style. 😉


Of course, she would be able to get my cat to stay still long enough to be photographed…his name is Groucho, but don’t let the name fool you! He’s super sweet (when he wants something) and not at all grumpy (unless you are not paying attention to him).


We had a lot fun…so much so, that we were laughing throughout the whole video. We must have shot it at least 10 times!

All in all, we had a great time! Happy birthday, Kimono de Jack!


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