Sushi Restaurant Meetup

It’s always great to make new kimono friends! I met up with a bunch of lovely fellow kimono lovers at a sushi restaurant last week. They had just finished up filming a collaborative presentation on the life cycle of silkworms as they relate to the production of kimono. You can read about the artist’s fascinating exhibit here as well as here.





I wore a Taisho-era houmongi made out of teal rinzu silk. It has both yuzen dye work and gold couching. The patterns include bamboo leaves, kikkou, camellia, manji, tachibana, scrolls, and water, among others. Because of the brightness of the color and many designs, I went with a light-colored obi with a simple pattern. The pink and yellow of the obi reflect some of the accent colors of the kimono. Paired with a bright purple bag, everything is very colorful.


I had to drive quite a bit in order to get to the restaurant, which meant I had to wear kimono in the car. When I drive in kimono, things gets very intense haha. It’s possible to drive while wearing kimono, but it makes it harder, because the obi makes you sit extremely straight. I usually have to either push the seat back in order to drive, wear an obi musubi that is flat, or move the obi to the front while I drive and move it back behind me when I arrive. There are many ways!


I had a great time and hope to continue making new kimono friends!


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  1. great combination! it also works really good with you hair.
    sometimes i wish i had kimonofriends in my area….

    1. Thanks! I used to not have anyone in my area who also loved kimono. I met lots of people online instead. When I eventually moved, I was able to connect with some of them in real life, but until then, I converted a few of the friends around me lol.

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