Cherry Blossom Festival

We had an IG meet-up at the National Cherry Blossom Festival (aka Sakura Matsuri) in Washington DC. Lots of walking and soooo many people, but definitely worth it. Plus, I finally got to hear taiko drumming in person! That was an amazing experience.

We had a picnic under the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin:


DSC03683DSC03687DSC03693The requisite foot shot (my tabi were a lovely gift from a fellow kimono lover that I based my whole outfit on):

DSC03695We found some miniature torii gates: DSC03649DSC03645 Traveling on the metro in kimono is always an experience haha:DSC03643 DSC03641 DSC03673

DSC03698copy copy




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  1. When I first saw this post, I thought you were in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo! Your cherry blossom party looks so much like friends getting together for o-hanami (although without the cases of beer. heh.) Really love the playing card motif on your accessories – everything is different, but works together so well!

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