Goodbye, Hello.

A belated goodbye to 2013 and a hello to 2014! I received this kimono and obi as a birthday present from my friend Choutama no Kimono ❤ I asked for roses, and she sent me the most beautiful outfit!

I tried tying my obi in the front this time. Some people think it’s weird this way, and some think it’s cool. I’m not sure myself. Let me know what you think!






Next week I will show all the kimono outfits I wore last year and share my resolutions for this upcoming year! 😀


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  1. reddelilah says:

    That first picture is just FABULOUS! I love the way you styled that whole scene. I’m sort of on the fence about doing the obi in front as well. It has negative connotations but at the same time the women that wore their obi that way well…were fashionistas during the time period. I do love what you’ve done with the obiage too btw.

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