Batman Kitsuke

This all started because McDonald’s recently had a Happy Meal toy which was a Batman mask, and I am a child on the inside…:P


Of course, I bought my first children’s meal in years just so I could get the mask. I posted a picture of it on Facebook, which inspired several others from the ImmortalGeisha forums to go out and buy it, and #teambatmask was born. We eventually came up with the idea to wear our Batman masks with kimono for Halloween. Here’s my contribution, a few days late for Halloween, but completed non-the-less!


back long


The obi was made in about 5 minutes with some fabric and double-sided fabric tape. I specifically wanted something with the ridiculous made-up word action bubbles on it (like “Thwack” and “Fwooshh”), and just so happened to find fabric with it!



Nananananananana BATMAN!


(Look at me being all scandalous, wearing sha summer-weight kimono in the Fall and showing my slip :p)


If anyone else wants to take up the challenge and dress as a super-hero in kimono, post a link below, I would love to see it!


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  1. tokyobling says:

    Oh you saucy girl you! That slip is simply inexcusable! haha…
    But seriously, great idea! If you wanted to make a more “formal” kimono on the same team, I would recommend making an obi out of the printed material and dying it blue-grey to tone down the contrast and make it less “glaring”. The second step would be to make a proper obidome of a smaller Batman logo pin, you can buy the Obidome metal backs, blank ones, at Tokyu Hands, if you are in Japan. I think they are available on Amazon as well. I once made one with Hello Kitty, which was a hit with the younger kimonofans! Another cool thing would be if you did a proper geisha style grouping, allowing you to be as saucy as you want and showing loads of neck! (^-^)

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