Goodbye, Summer!

Well, I have the house to myself this weekend, and this kimono and haori came in the mail and I just HAD to try them on…:)



I would like to introduce to you my cat, Groucho. (Actually, he is my roomate’s, but it feels like he is mine as well.) His name is totally wrong, because he is such a sweetie and loves belly rubs haha ❤


This is a musubi in the latest KimonoHime that was meant for nagoya obi. I made it with hanhaba and made some changes to it.


No tabi with okobo…scandalous! (This is the style that oiran and tayuu courtesans used to wear, although they wore koma geta instead of okobo…)




They say that pet owners start to look like their pets after a while…


This haori is a ro summer weave, while the rest is hitoe (single layered for warmer months). This is the last time I will wear single-layered kimono until next spring. It’s almost time to change to awase (thicker winter wear)!

Oh, and a friend and I went to Otakon this year (August 8-10th), so be on the lookout for more kimono outfits, as well as a few cosplay pictures in my next update!


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  1. This is fabulous! Especially love the half-striped, half-plain undercollar. Am totally amazed that you can tie an obi like that by yourself. I’ve never seen such a gorgeous asymmetrical style before – it has the feel of modern ikebana arrangements!

    1. Thanks so much! 😀 The collar is actually a result of me not wanting to take the time to sew a new haneri on….I just bobby-pinned it, but the fabric was only half the size I needed…so, asymmetry. 😉 (Shh, don’t tell!) As for the obi…it’s actually much easier to do by yourself if you tie it in the front, then move it to the back. Saves your arms and back from lots of strain, and ensures that it looks good. (The trick is to not mess it up when swinging the whole thing around to the back)

  2. BebeTaian says:

    I do like the stripes! The colour coordination works well! You carry royal blue so well!

    I was mistaken for you the other day, by the way. >D We really don’t look anything alike, though… I guess maybe the hair and makeup are similar? Anyways, I was thinking about your hikizuri today when I saw this photo: The length of Meiji-era geisha looks much shorter than hikizuri length today, doesn’t it? So maybe it works even better than we thought!

    1. No way haha! 😀 Did they come up and ask you if you were me or something? Where were you? I think maybe our hair is similar, back when I had short and spiky? But yeah, we don’t look alike haha 😛

      Ah, that’s a cool picture! Yeah, you’re right, it looks short! Thanks for sharing!

  3. great composition! not only the kitsuke but also the pose and scenery in the first picture!

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂

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