KimonoHime Volume 11 Scans

KimonoHime Volume 11
Publisher: Shodensha
ISBN: 978-4-396-82089-3

Selected scans on flickr.


I decided to scan some of KimonoHime Volume 11 to show everyone what it’s like, and to encourage people who are interested in it to buy it! I’ve only scanned a few pages, but it’s an 80-page magazine (If you only count pics, if you count tissue paper samples to make stuff out of, then there’s even more!), so there is lots of cool stuff I’ve left out. I can’t even review it, because well, I loved everything haha! Let’s just say that this is my favorite kimono magazine (well, technically a mook….”Magazine book”; a book published serially, like magazines. They are a little larger and firmer than magazines, but not so large as to be full ‘books’….but you get my point) So if you’re interested in buying a great kimono fashion magazine, I highly recommend it!

KimonoHime is a mook publication that first started in 2003, published by Shodensha. Each edition has about 90 pages and retails for ¥1260. The first few books were published in fairly quick succession, but then releases slowed down, to approximately one every year or two. Currently there are 11 volumes of Kimono-Hime.

The style which this particular publication promotes has come to be known by the title of the mook itself. Therefore, Kimono-Hime style is characterized by what one sees in a Kimono-Hime publication. The publication name and style is sometimes shortened to the moniker “KH”.

KimonoHime Volume 11 focuses on yukata, and can be purchased on ebay, amazonjapan, and yja.

KimonoHime just came back after a long hiatus (it was actually thought to have been canceled), so please everyone show your support and buy a copy to show your love of the magazine!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheri says:

    I thought it was cancelled too until I saw it at Kinokuniya. Did a little dance in the bookstore I was so happy! Great volume!

    1. I’ve been trying to convince people to buy it! Loved the little papers in the back too, it was a cute touch 🙂

  2. tokyobling says:

    One of my favorite mooks ever! Do you also have the older identical series called KIMONO道 (Kimono michi)? Excellent stuff! A lot of my friends work for these series. I used to have a complete collection but me being a guy I donated them all to people who could better use them – girls!

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Yes, I have several volumes of that mook, I love it! And I think a man can totally appreciate them too haha!

  3. Liz says:

    Thank you so much, will definitely get a copy of this one.

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