Summer Love

Since I’ve moved two months ago, I haven’t had anyone to take photos, and my collection was still in storage at my old place, so kitsuke photo sessions have not been possible. I finally brought my collection to my new place, and bought myself a lighting system and tripod, so we will be back on schedule for regular kimono pictures! 🙂



This time I am wearing a kimono that I bought from my lovely friend Choutama no Kimono, owner of the Choutama kimono shop on Etsy. Paired with my favorite hanhaba obi with asanoha (hemp leaf) pattern, it’s a summer outfit inspired by the latest issue of the magazine KimonoHime, which I am in love with! The obi is tied in a style seen being worn by CHOKOとチョコと in this newest issue. I really admire her style, she always has such interesting obi musubi!



I’ve been experimenting with adding backgrounds, now that I no longer have my large backyard to play around in. What do you think?





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  1. beedogkimono says:

    How did you tie that ruffle musubi? It’s adorable!

    1. It’s from a tutorial in the latest edition of KimonoHime. I’m planning on scanning some photos soon, so keep an eye out! 😉

      1. beedogkimono says:

        Does Kimono Hime have an english edition, or does it only come in japanese? I’m near a Kinokunya, and have thought about browsing the kimono magazines before.

        1. It’s only in Japanese. But it’s mainly pictures, so it’s rather easy to follow. (And makes me so jealous and inspired!) You should definitely try and find it! It’s Volume 11, the cover is in one of my photos above 🙂

          1. beedogkimono says:

            Thanks! Well, if you want to follow me, more of my collection will be going up, including hand made pieces.

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