Pink and Blue

Spring is here! It’s been super hot lately, and that means that it’s almost time to wear unlined kimono again. I wanted to wear this blue and pink kimono one last time, before it’s time to pack it up in storage till next year. The pink wig is something crazy, isn’t it?




I wore my obi in a knot called “kai no kuchi”, which means “shell’s mouth”. I have been waiting to wear this hanhaba obi since I’ve started wearing kimono….I bought it way back in 2008! It was one of my first purchases.


The boots are the “Lady Victoria” from my favorite brand, Poetic Licence. (To my American eyes, that should be spelled “License” lol. I always forget that’s how everyone else spells it.) I really want to get them in white as well.






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  1. I love coming here, because you are always doing crazy things with your hair and changing make up, stuff like that according to your kitsuke. What a dolly way to wear kimono! You look like a girl from a manga! First I thought your shoes was a pair of doc marteens but it wasn’t. ^^ More elegant type shoes. I’m happy to see you have so much fun everytime you wear kimono! 😀

    1. Aw, your comment is so sweet ❤ Haha I wish I had a pair of doc marteens! That would be cool to wear with kimono I think. ^^ I just like trying new and interesting styles and fun ways of wearing kimono. I think it's because I like changing up my style so often, and kimono is great for that 🙂

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