December Matsuri Kimono Show

So a fellow kimono friend contacted me a month ago about putting on a kimono fashion show at the university that she attends. We had the opportunity to host the show during the university’s first December matsuri festival, so we were very excited! The next month was spent sharing many messages over Facebook, packing, coordinating outfits, finding models, having very little sleep, and wrangling with the Japanese society of the university. Finally, we were able to have the show, and it was so much fun! Special thanks must go to the lovely Strawberry Kimono, whose help and insight proved invaluable to making the show run smoothly!


The night before the show, where we stayed up sewing haneri, tagging outfits, and rehearsing until 4am, and were up again at 8am to set up:


(Somehow we were miraculously able to fit everything into those two suit cases)


Then we spent about three hours getting everyone dressed. One of the models called and canceled the day of the show O.O, but thankfully my friend Kat (who came along merely to help set things up) allowed us to dress her up instead.






Some of our models slipped away with the photographer while my friend and I were busy dressing everyone else, and took some glamour shots. Unfortunately, they ended up loosening most of their outfits so we had to redo or hide the flaws the best we could before we went on stage! But they did end up with some beautiful shots:

IMG_2584 - Copy



Finally we got everyone dressed and ready, and it was time to do the show!


This men’s kimono is my favorite piece in the show.







Afterwards everyone took pictures and we mingled with the rest of the matsuri after changing clothes. There were kendo and dancing demonstrations, festival booths with games like pachinko, origami-making, calligraphy, and of course, food.


The model who wore my geiko hikizuri was very elegant in it!



Later on, my friend and I went walking with our group downtown. We ran into a man who started speaking Japanese to us, and we had to explain that we didn’t speak it haha. We did turn a lot of heads though!


Overall, it was a very exhausting, fun day!


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  1. Wow, spectacular! Are all the kimono and obi yours?

    1. Thanks! The men’s outfits, white furisode,orange kimono and yukata obi were my friend’s. The rest of it is mine 🙂

      1. My favorite is one of yours, then – the pink one with lace on the sleeves and hem! But it’s not just the kimono – I love how you so beautifully paired the kimono with really fun obi and obijime and footwear. It must have taken forever to figure it all out! Seeing this has reminded me to do a blog post before New Year’s on the kimono-hime style outfit I took a picture of on a mannequin at Parco Shibuya a couple of weeks ago!

        1. That’s my favorite overall outfit as well! (Because it’s KimonoHime haha) 😉 Me and my friend spent many late nights up on Facebook messaging each other our coordinations….which was hard, since we couldn’t see what the outfits would look like paired together with all of the accessories until the day of the show! The shoes were the model’s own, and I don’t think she could have made a better choice!

          Oh, please do! I very much would like to see the outfit! ^^

  2. Lynn Brooks says:

    Wow, everyone looked gorgeous, you did a great job. I do not own any kimono myself yet but love looking at pictures of them. I’ve really been enjoying your blog and learning from it.

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment! I’m glad you enjoy my blog. 🙂 I’ve always admired kimono, and one day I just decided I was going to learn how to wear one myself! Please let me know if you ever decide to buy a kimono, I love seeing other people’s style and taste.

  3. Hi. Thanks for liking my post on Daisy Balloon Dresses. I really like the pink kimono.Great post!

    1. Thanks yourself! Those balloon dresses are amazing looking.

      1. They are pretty awesome!

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