Zombie Walk

My city held its Second Annual Zombie Walk yesterday. and of course I had to go as a kimono-wearing zombie!

I’ve always wanted to attend a zombie walk, but never had one nearby where I lived. Last year I was working when the walk happened, but this year I just so happened to have the day off! It’s really cool because not only do you get to wander around downtown with about 400 fellow zombies, but each person attending either brought canned food for the local homeless shelter, or donated money to the local animal humane society! So you get to dress up as well as give back to the community.

Just to give those kimono lovers who are faint of heart a heads up….yes, I did spray fake blood everywhere. However, I used pieces that were stained already and not really wearable normally.

And, so, on to the pictures!

Practicing how to walk and act like a zombie:

At the walk:

This guy won third place for best costume:

And this little boy won best children’s costume:

I found a cool evil nun:

And I’ve decided that this is going to be my Christmas card photo hahaha!:


5 Comments Add yours

  1. K says:

    What a fun event! I like the idea that you used a black obiage.
    Is the wound on your forehead a sticker?

    1. Thanks! The two wounds are actually latex which I attached to my face with very sticky “Spirit Gum” and painted to match my makeup. 🙂

  2. chamekke says:

    How wonderful is it that you folded the kimono right-over-left? Zombie kitsuke FTW!

    And I love your Christmas photo, too <33

  3. chamekke says:

    How wonderful is it that your kimono is folded right-over-left? Zombie kitsuke FTW!

    And I love your Christmas card, too. Wish I was on your card list. What a hoot 😀

    1. Haha why thank you, I do try 😀 m(_ _)m

      I had a long debate with a friend over whether or not zombies would have their collars crossed correctly. After all, they are dead, but they are also alive….and if they were turned while still alive, wouldn’t the collars and kimono still be crossed correctly? I settled on the argument that my alter ego zombie personality was too stylish to associate herself with anything “living”. 😉

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