Black Lipstick Kimono

Today I felt like wearing black lipstick.


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  1. BebeTaian says:

    What black lipstick did you use? I have a pretty cool custom one, but I don’t wear it often. >D I was wondering what to do with it so that it’s gorgeous, just not overly “black is the colour of my souulll”. Maybe kimono, then!

    I love the Taisho-style blue and black combo. My hair used to be those colours! I do think there should have been more orange in the obi to match the collar, since it looks so good with the blue, but orange, gold, silver, and black would have changed the ‘feel’ of everything. Is that kimono actual Taisho, or a remake?

    1. Honestly it was just some Halloween costume lipstick. I don’t remember the brand, but it wasn’t expensive really. Ah, I want to see you custom color! I think if you want to avoid the super goth look, you should pair it with bright colors, so it’s more of a fashion statement than an ode to darkness.

      Whoa, I would love to have blue and black hair! Sounds pretty sweet. I kind of think my hair is orange enough to offset the haneri collar haha!

      And yes, it’s an original Taisho kimono. I fought long and hard for it in a bidding war. 😉

      1. BebeTaian says:

        I had the very first tube of this:

        Actually, it was made for me. I had a nail polish that was black with tonnes of red glitter, and I wanted a matching lipstick. This is what they came up with. Next day, it made the front page of Etsy. >D I also have a really good Pomegranate lotion from them (but the perfume oil, don’t bother with. It isn’t the same.) I tend to blacken my too-bright reds with it.

        1. Sweet! That’s such a gorgeous color. And that’s pretty awesome that they’d custom mix colors for you like that. I’m in love with their metallic gold lipstick too. Too bad it has macadamia nut oil in it, or else I’d totally buy it…(Allergic to all nuts :/ It seems like it’s so hard to find nice beauty products or lotions without nuts these days!)

          There’s no such thing as “too bright” red in my book lol. ;P

          1. BebeTaian says:

            Try Fyrinnae’s ‘Isis’ lipgloss. I ❤ their eyeshadows, and especially the Pixie Epoxy (basically, a glue for glittery makeup). The ingredients don't show any nut products, I think, but you'd know best. ^_~


            1. Oh, very cool! Thanks, I’ll have to give them a try!

              I’m also considering Ka’Oir brand… They have glitter which applies to lipstick, which is so gaudy that I feel that I MUST try it lol.

  2. You like Japanese antique kimono,dont’ you!
    I like antique kimono very much,too.
    Please acsess my blog ‘antique kimono note’.

    1. Yes, I do! I am glad to meet another person who also likes antique kimono! I like your blog as well. (Your kimono style is very beautiful!) 🙂 I will definitely be following your blog.

  3. kyotoredbird says:

    Just wanted to let you know…if you ever get sick of this kimono, I will totally take it off your hands. It’s gorgeous! And I love how you accessorize your kimono. Your style is so unique!

    1. Haha, I will keep you in mind! I have several people lined up just waiting for me to get rid of it lol 😉 Thank you very much for the compliment!

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