A Belated Tanabata

Well, I was planning on wearing this outfit for Tanabata, which this year fell on July 7th. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. A huge storm came through our area, and left 3 million people without power during a 100°F/38°C heat wave! We had to abandon our house and live with some friends until our electricity came back, so I had to leave my kimono behind… 😦

I’m back now, and although it’s two weeks late, I’d like to share with you my Tanabata outfit! Unfortunately, this kimono is ro summer weave, which stains very easily since it is worn in the hottest months. Due to this, it has some rather large lighter colored stains on it from the previous owner not airing it out properly after wearing it, so I could never wear it out in public. But in my own backyard, I am perfectly fine with wearing it!

I tied the obi in tsunodashi-style, but it kept on wanting to become otaiko-style haha!

For the obiage, I was inspired by my stylish kimono friend, Strawberry Kimono, who often ties two obiage on top of each other in little bows. It’s so cute, so I decided to try! I used this tutorial to tie them.

So although it is two weeks late, I hope that everyone who celebrates Tanabata had a great day! 🙂


One Comment Add yours

  1. siren10101 says:

    have you ever thought of a career in kimono styling???? seriously woman how do you do this so awesome everytime !!!

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