Sisterhood of the Travelling Kimono

I had plans to wear kimono for Tanabata last weekend, but a huge storm came through our area, and left 3 million people without power during a 100°F/38°C heat wave! We had to abandon our house and live with some friends until our electricity came back, so I had to leave my kimono behind. We are back now, and I plan on wearing the kimono outfit sometime next week instead, so be on the lookout for a new outfit post soon!

Today, I’d like to share an exciting project:
“The Sisterhood of The Travelling Kimono.”

It is a project to send one kimono across the world, and have everyone who wears it post a photo! I have been asked to be a participant, and I’m really excited about it!

One Kimono. Many Countries. Many Ensembles!
One kimono will be chosen and sent all around the world to fellow kitsuke enthusiasts, who will then create an ensemble representing their personal tastes and styles.
How many ways can one kimono be worn? We’ll soon see!
You can follow the travelling kimono on our Facebook Fan Page!

This is the kimono which was chosen:

There is also a website under construction, which will show the different outfits people have worn, and where the kimono is now:

Currently, the kimono is in England!
Here is its official travel plan:
United Kingdom—> Spain
Netherlands——–> Germany
Switzerland——–> Romania
Poland—————> Denmark
Finland—————> Russia
Japan—————-> Canada

There was a limit of 40 people who would participate, but if everything goes well, there might be another “round” scheduled, with more participants! When the website is completed, there will be a “How To Participate” page with a form for those to fill if you are interested in joining in the future!

The kimono will not make its way to me for a while, since America the last country it will go to, but I am already planning an outfit for it! I’m very excited and happy to be a part of this cool idea! 😀


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  1. Mako says:

    I wish I could join this project (^-^)

    1. There are plans for a second group, since there were so many people who wanted to participate! The organizers stopped the number of people joining at 40 so that it would be easier to manage. If you follow the project on Facebook, then you’ll be able to see when the next round is announced!

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