Maiko Kanzashi

I recently became the proud owner of two pairs of maiko kanzashi. 😀

The first was a custom order from the etsy seller ImlothMelui. I asked her to re-create the wisteria hana-kanzashi worn by maiko in May. They came out so beautiful, I am so happy with her work!

With this kanzashi set, my maiko wareshinobu-style wig is complete!

I won the second one from YJA. It is a maiko sakkou kanzashi!!! 😀 This kanzashi is worn my a maiko the last two weeks before she becomes a geiko, and is just what I needed to complete my Sakkou wig.

I am very lucky to have been able to acquire these kanzashi. Now all I need are two more faux-bekko kanzashi for the sakkou wig. My maiko ensemble is almost complete! 🙂


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  1. Kofuji says:

    Woo! The wisteria looks great in the wig, I’m so jealous!
    Can’t wait to see the sakkou wig all done up too

    1. Thanks! You should go see the one she has up in her store right now…a sakura with lanterns bridge and shidare piece. It’s reserved obviously, but I remember you saying that you liked that style. You could get her to make you one just like it if you want! I’m still on the lookout for the two bekko kanzashi pieces with carved flowers on them, one that goes on the back right of the wig, and the other one which goes just above the bira kanzashi on the front. Crossing my fingers I can find something!

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