A Late Valentines Day

I was working on Valentines Day, so I wasn’t able to wear kimono like I wanted to. So today, I dressed really quickly after school. This kimono is a pink and blue meisen weave silk which has an igeta pattern, and the obi has an abstract pink and yellow square design.

At first, I thought I would not be able to wear kimono because it had been raining all day. I don’t own any rain-proof items, so I wasn’t going to ruin my kimono in the rain! However, I was optimistic and got dressed anyways, and the rain stopped just as soon as I was done! So I was able to take pictures outside after all. 🙂

It was still a little chilly outside, so I wore a light scarf. I love this particular scarf, because it has knitted roses woven into it. (And I got it at the craft store for only $2!)

I added lace to the bottom of the obi, and made my own obidome out of an old brooch I got at an antique store. I also used an antique locket as a netsuke for decoration. This yellow obiage has several metallic stars on it, which I think are so cute!

I also added lace on top of the kimono collar, and sewed on a green checkered haneri to the juban. I have a lot of haneri, but I rarely use them. It’s such a hassle to unpick the old one and sew a new one on each time, that usually I just use whatever juban has a haneri that already matches my outfit. But today, I decided to sew on this green one that I got as a gift. I need to start using different haneri more often, and broaden my collar colors!


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  1. I love how you wear kimonos, they’re such luxurious clothing and I never see anyone except you wear them!


    1. Thank you! I actually am a member of a worldwide group of kimono enthusiasts over at immortalgeisha.com. However, as far as I know, I am the only one in my area who wears them. They really are luxurious, and fun to wear. Plus, I know that I’ll have the coolest outfit there, no matter where I go 😉 I hope to see you around!

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