Yabane and Flutes

I’m hoping to continue to wear kimono at least once a month this year. That being said, I was supposed to wear this in January….but silly me, I forgot how busy life would get once school started again, so here we are in February! (I say this still counts for my January kitsuke though, since it’s only the 2nd of February and I’ll wear another later this month. ;))

You might remember this kimono from a long, long time ago. I wore it back in 2010, in Winter Kitsuke 1/19/10. At the time, I paired it with an (egads!) black mofuku (funeral) obi and red collar, and I fake-tied the obi so it ended up looking more like a very large rectangle than an otaiko musubi haha. I’ve always wanted to re-visit it though, and re-do that kitsuke with brighter, more cheerful colors.

This obi was tan in the seller’s photos, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a pale yellow color in real life. I actually lost this obi in a bidding war, but the other person backed out, so guess who got her happy fingers on it? πŸ™‚

It was very windy outside today!

This is actually the exact same juban I wore with this kimono the last time. Only this time, I added a piece of large lace on top to make a haneri. I think the outfit works much better with a white collar this time around!

It’s interesting to see the difference between this outfit being worn and it being in the fashion coordination layout that so many kitsuke blogs have. (As seen above.) I think I prefer it when they’re worn! πŸ˜‰


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  1. Kazumi says:

    Hi from Tokyo!
    You are so cute on kimono.
    I am very happy to know that someone outside Japan loves kimono
    so much and actually wear it.
    I am also fascinated by antique kimono and wear it on Sundays
    if it does not rain. I love vivid colors and motifs of antique kimono
    which you cannot find in modern kimono. My room is full of kimono and obi.
    I learned how to wear kimono at a kimono shop and I struggled with
    obi. So, I know how you feel!!!

    You live in sothern part of the US… so, too far from Kentucky, right?
    I am going to KY in March. I wish I could give some tips on how to tie obi in person so that your kimono life can be easier.

    1. Hello! πŸ™‚

      Wow, you are very dedicated to wear kimono every week! I wish to improve enough to be able to wear kimono often. I am trying to wear them at least once a month this year.

      Do you have a blog? I’d love to see you wear your kimono! It sounds like you have such a large and interesting collection. I also love antique kimono, especially Taisho era with long sleeves and bold colors.

      I taught myself how to wear kimono from the internet, so there is a lot for me to improve on! The obi is the hardest for me, but recently I have started to use a karyou makura obi aid. It has helped me a lot because with it, you do not need to actually tie a knot in the obi to wear it. (Which is good for antique obi because some of them are too delicate to tie in the traditional way.) It is with the help of this obi aid that tying the obi is now so much easier! (Although, I still struggle a little.)

      Yes, I live in the southern part of the US, but unfortunately I live about 8 hours away from Kentucky…there is no one that I know of in my state that also enjoys kimono, so I’m sad I won’t be able to meet you. 😦 Thank you for wanting to help me with kimono though, it is very kind of you!

      Please keep in touch, I would love to see you wear your kimono!

      1. Kazumi says:

        I do not have a blog now but I want to open it. I’ll let you know once I do it.
        You are using a Kairyo makura! Oh my goodness! Did you find it on the Internet? You are a determined kimono lover. I agree that tying a knot may not be a good idea if the obi is delicate. I do not tie a knot, either because I do not want to wrinkle it. There is a way of wearing obi without tying a knot. There are many ways, many schools of wearing kimono. I guess an easier way is a better way for you to look neat on kimono.

        You have a great sense of color coordination!


        1. I eagerly wait to see your blog when you start it! Please send me the link when you make it. Yes, I actually found the kairyou makura on ebay. However, I also taught myself how to tie the obi traditionally. I think it is best to learn all different ways and then pick the one that works best for you. So I have tied obi with a knot, without a knot, and with an obi aid…but I struggled to keep it from slipping after I tied it traditionally. (It often will fall apart just as soon as I think it is done!)

          Yes, there are so many ways to wear kimono, so it is best to choose the school that works best for you!

          And thank you, I love color…although I think that sometimes I use too much of it lol! πŸ˜‰

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