Purple Geiko Hikizuri

Thanks everyone who responded about the blog sale! I was able to match almost every item I had for sale up with a loving home. So glad to know that they’ll be going to people who will take care of them. 🙂

So, I have a confession to make….one of my resolutions this year was to not buy any more kimono. For the same reasons that I held the sale, actually…no room, and needing to start saving money. Well, as it turns out, as soon as I got the money in from the sale, this gorgeous hikizuri I had been watching (but never planned to buy) went down in price by over half. I told myself I would not buy it even at that price, but made the seller an offer just for fun. They counter-offered, and it just so happened that it was about the amount I had made from the sale, so….I bought it. Looking at the pictures, I think you can tell why:

I mean, how could I say no to a royal purple geiko hikizuri with a double padded hem and golden wave motif for practically free? 😉

I must say though, that I’m having some trouble dating it. The seller said that her mother collected kimono in Kyoto during the 1930s, and that she kept adding to the collection until about 2005. She gave an estimated date of 1932 for the hiki. Now, I don’t know about you, but to me this looks waaaayyyy younger than that! It’s in really good condition. There’s some red staining from the momi (red cloth worn under the obi) would have been on the back, and I’ve seen a little bit of foxing on the inside lining, but nothing too noticeable or signs of wear like you’d expect an older hiki to have. It does have a bit of small kinkoma embroidery on some of the waves, and one part of it is hanging off, but other than that, it’s in pretty good shape. So, what do you guys think?

Above, you can see that part of the inside lining on the left side has been replaced/repaired with red silk.

There is a particular shade of royal purple that always photographs blue or purple/blue, and this hikizuri is that color. The above photo shows the true colors. It’s a rich and deep purple that is simply gorgeous against the white and gold waves.

It has a lovely rinzu damask design of swastika and what looks like sunflowers or maybe daisies? You can see some of the kinkoma embroidery on the top left wave.

This hiki has one crest in the back, and it’s chou-chou (butterfly). It’s my favorite crest, so I was so happy to see that this is what it was! I had a suspicion when I saw the auction photos, but they were too blurry to tell. This crest also happens to belong to three okiya (geisha houses) in Gion Kobu, including the one where my favorite geiko, Koyou, is from. So who knows, maybe this beauty is from one of those okiya?

It has a double-layer padded hem, which means that it is meant for winter. Both the top layer and bottom layer are heavily padded. The outer layer is really thick and heavy due to the waves painted on it. In fact, it’s really stiff and not very bendable, which should mean that it will hold open beautifully when worn.

The inside layer has a pattern of metallic squares and pine needles on a softer silk.

I just felt like being artistic with this shot, but I love how it came out! 🙂

The sleeves also have a false layer which is padded on the bottom, with a lining of red silk inside.

So there you go! Sorry for the larger photos, but I think this beauty deserves to be seen up close. If anyone has an idea about the time frame for this hikizuri, I would love to hear from you! I plan on getting a geiko katsura and dressing up in this beauty someday…so look out for geiko henshin photos sometime in the future! 😉

Edit: It just so happens that a geiko katsura came up for sale the other day…and I won it! Now I just need the oshiroi makeup and a susoyoke and hadajuban, and I’ll be set!

Here’s a photo. It needs some TLC, but I think after I’ve combed it and re-set some of the runaway hair, it’ll look really good!


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  1. I have always wanted to wear kimonos but I cant find a nice one like this in my country. In my opinion, kimonos make ladies appear more feminine and beautiful. I’d really love to see you wearing this kimono 🙂

    1. I buy almost of my kimono through ebay. They are very affordable, and a lot of the sellers ship worldwide. I also recommend ichiroya.com, they are a bit more expensive but they have good items. If you want, I would be happy to help you find one!

      I agree, kimono are very elegant and beautiful. I know that I feel that way when I wear one! I feel that they also allow someone’s true personality to show through in a way that is different than “normal clothing”, because all kimono are basically the same shape. So you can see what a person is like through their choice of pattern, texture, colors, and accessories, and do not get distracted by the shape of the clothes.

      I will definitely be wearing this kimono soon, so be on the lookout! 😉

      1. Okay, that’s great. I will be checking out their online store. Im just worried because I don’t know the sizing of kimonos. It might not fit me right if I buy through the internet. Btw, thanks again! 🙂

        1. Here’s how you get your size for kimono:
          Sleeve to sleeve width: Stand straight with both hands held straight out from your body so your body looks like a “T”. Have someone measure from the wrist bone to wrist bone (measurements are in cm)

          Length: it is your height in cm, plus a few cm if you want a fold at the waist (necessary for formal kimono, but the fold can be omitted for more casual and antique kimono)

          Sleeve length: whatever you want. It is important however that you wear an undergarment called a Juban beneath the kimono. This garments sleeve length and other measurements should be 1-3cm smaller than your kimono for best fit.

          Shoulder Width: measure from one shoulder to another. Some sites (like ichiroya) use a wrapping hip measurement instead. The point is that when you wrap the kimono around yourself, the front panel reaches to your hip bone across the front.

          That’s it! If you have any questions, let me know. Here is a site with a visual for sizing: http://www.shimazakura.com/my-kimono-size-s/123.htm

          A good website to join is the Immortal Geisha Forums. It’s for kimono, and there are a lot of tutorials and helpful people. You can use the search button on there and find lots of tips and links. Here is the link: http://www.Immortalgeisha.com/ig_bb/index.php

      2. Katharina says:

        Congratulations to this beautiful and tasteful Hiki. I think, that you are right, and it is not that old, from the look of the silk and the pattern of the rinzu, I would say it is from the 60th or 70th, When you ion it and the gold sticks a bit to the ion, it is also a hint, for not beeing so old, but anyway for shure it is a Geishas Hikizuri and it is gorgeous.

  2. Anne says:

    That…. is….. absolutely….. beautiful….. 🙂
    A stunning hiki and a very good reason to break your resolution!

    1. It was love at first sight. To tell the truth, I probably should stop trying to make that particular resolution, because I broke it last year too lol. I bought my “Rainbow Cottage” houmongi then. It’s just that so many fabulous things go on sale around and after the holidays….

  3. pichikeen says:

    I am glad I could help out with the sale! Where on earth did you track this beauty down?? 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, it’s really appreciated! 🙂 I actually bought it on ebay. It was listed as a “kofurisode”, but looking at the photos, it was obviously a hikizuri.

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