November Thanks

I wanted to dress in kimono for Thanksgiving…but since all my relatives are coming down here this week, I knew I would probably be too busy. So I decided to dress a little early!

If you remember from IG Holiday Swap Gifts, IG forum member azusa was the “Secret Santa” who gave me several gifts to be used in a 1920s/Taisho outfit. I finally got the chance to wear them…I can only hope that I’ve lived up to expectations!

I also finally got to wear one of my favorite obi, which has a “53 Stations of the Tokaido” motif. The pictures on here are all of the 12th station Numazu, from the Hoeido, Gyosho and Reisho editions of the series.

I also bought a meisen haori to go with this outfit, which-by a stroke of luck- matches the color of the cloche hat which azusa gave me! (Unfortunately, the haori collar flipped out while taking photos without me noticing….oh well!)


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