Bye Bye, Birthday!

So I turned 21 this September. I had originally planned to wear this outfit on my birthday, but I was going drinking later…so I ended up going in something I wouldn’t have to worry about too much if I got it dirty. September turned out to be the busiest month I’ve had this year though, so this kitsuke kept getting pushed back and back until it was…October. O.o Ah well, I can pretend it’s still okay to wear ro in my head lol!

My collars kept on separating in the back, even though I clipped them together so they wouldn’t move. I think it’s because this kimono is a sha weave, and therefore light and kind of slippery. I am in love with this obi though, it’s so retro and bold!

I bought this kimono as a birthday present to myself. The only thing is that it was all wrinkled, so today was the first time I tried to iron a kimono! I was hesitant to try it at first…because I was so scared that I’d ruin it! But it turned out pretty well, even if I did have to use the cotton steam setting instead of the silk one.

This outfit is too much “springy” feeling for wearing in October, but it’s more of a last-ditch effort to hold onto the brightness of the warmer months before the cold winter kicks in, than an attempt to stay in season. I was going for more of a “I miss you spring” than an “It’s October so I shall wear MUMS” look, haha! (Not that I have anything against mums. They’re just so…predictable for people to wear in Autumn.)

Another detail of the front, this time showing my pink lace gloves.

This is my Shih-Tzu named Molly. She’s been complaining about not being in my kitsuke pictures lately! ❤


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