August Craze

Today was my day off of work, and I woke up thinking “I’m going to wear kimono today”. I dunno…it just felt like a kimono kind of day!

I’ve had this outfit planned for over a year now, but just now got around to wearing it! It’s only my second time trying to wear tsunodashi musubi, and I know this obi is probably too floppy since it’s an unfinished open hitoe, but I tried anyway! I’ll let you guys in on a little secret…I’ve never been able to tie the objime knot at all! I know it seems easy, but for some reason, I couldn’t get it right. However, today I found this video on youtube today and it made my day because it shows it from your perspective when you’re tying the knot! I was so happy to have been able to tie it right this time…only it got twisted around in the photos, so it still looks like I didn’t tie it right! 😦 Ah well! (Also, I just noticed it, but please ignore the obi clip in the back that I forgot to take off after tying the musubi…*embarrassed* =O_O=)

We installed a new stained glass birdbath outside, and I think it looks so pretty!

I searched so long for an objime and obiage that would match this outfit! You would think that finding a light pink obiage would be easy, but nope! Took me half a year to find one! And don’t get me started on finding dark green obijime haha! But I wanted these exact shades because they match the pink and green of the flower background and stems.

I love the royal blue of this kimono, it’s also a favorite because it has thistle and lilies! They are July and August motifs, so I figured now would be the perfect time to wear them. The necklace is one I bought online a while ago, and is my favorite…I wear it everywhere! (Even to work!)

Edit: Wow, is this really my 50th post?! I never thought I’d have enough kitsuke and kimono discussions to make that number lol. Thanks for sticking with me so far! 😉


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