What’s Black and White, and Hot All Over?

My friend is participating in a homestay program for Japanese girls this summer, and originally I was supposed to go over her house today in kimono and hang out with them after work. Unfortunately, my friend had a bit of a memory lapse and forgot that today the girls would be in another city shopping! But even though our plans didn’t work out, I still got to wear kimono, so it’s all good. 😉

By the way, with the heat index, today was a whopping 117F/47.2C!!! O.o I almost melted walking outside…

I’ve always wanted a black and white striped kimono. I’m so glad that I finally found one, and it’s a summer weave with long sleeves, too! The hakata obi is sha, which is a roughly-woven summer fabric. I’ve also wanted a red and white hakata obi for a while now. These two items are very new…in fact, I took them out of the mail packaging just this afternoon! I probably should have ironed the kimono beforehand, but I didn’t have the time when I was dressing because I was hurrying to my friend’s house immediately after work…that line by my knees isn’t a super-big ohashori, it’s a crease mark from storage >.< I’m going to iron it out before I wear it again, though.

This kimono is a summer weave, so you can kind of see my red shibori juban underneath due to it being kind of transparent. I like the effect though! It’s actually a neat way of showing off your juban and kimono at the same time. Sometimes I feel it’s such a shame that most of the juban gets hidden when one wears kimono. But then again, it is considered very iki (cool/refined/elegant) to have a flash of color show from the edge of your sleeves as you walk past! A sort of hidden elegance.

I had a bit of fun and pretended to be a “pin-up” girl. Mwah! ❤

I also received my maiko haneri in the mail today! It is so gorgeous!!! I plan on posting pictures and measurements, as well as breaking down its construction in a future post so that those looking to make their own can have a reference!


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