Maiko Items

I have been collecting maiko items for a little over two years now, with the end goal of doing a henshin (a word which literally translated means “to change or transform the body”. In this context, it means to dress oneself as a maiko). If you go to Japan, you an pay to have this done, but I think it is usually poorly done, and does not look nice at all. So I am planning on doing it myself. (Hopefully I will be able to do a good job!) Today, I moved a little closer towards this end goal with the purchase of two very hard-to-find items.

The first is a nezashi and tama kanzashi set. Nezashi are worn on the right side of the wareshinobu hairstyle for maiko, while the tama kanzashi is worn on the left. I have been searching for a nezashi kanzashi for almost two years now…almost the entire time that I have been collecting. They are very hard to find as they are only used by maiko and henshin studios (places that charge a fee for dressing one up as a maiko or geiko). I also received several other kinds of kanzashi with these two, as well.

The next item is one I’ve always wanted, but never could get my hands on…a maiko haneri! 😀 This one has embroidered chrysanthemums, which are technically an Autumn motif, but chrysanthemums have grown to become virtually multi-seasonal due to their status as the symbol of Japan and the Imperial House. I have seen chrysanthemum-motif haneri being worn by maiko even in May. (Which, coincidentally, is a good thing, because I plan on buying May wisteria kanzashi).

This haneri is already “prepared for wearing”, in that it is already attached to a stiffener beneath the collar and a “chikara-nuno” to keep the kimono collar low. I will take pictures when I receive it to show the construction, but for now, here are the auction pictures:

I’m really excited! All I have left before I can do my henshin is a susoyuke/hadajuban set to sew my juban fabric to, a wisteria kanzashi set, maiko obiage, and oshiroi makeup.


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