Darari Mystery Mon 3.0

If you remember from the posts Dude, It’s a Darari! and Mystery Mon…Kind of Solved?, I have been researching an alternate mon which is used by the Tama okiya of Gion Kobu, which is known as the “Kikyou Knot” 結び桔梗, seen here:

Thanks to the help of several members of the IG forums, I now have even more pictures of this mon being used!

From Ryuumori-Danna, seen in this set on Flickr. This picture is from an article entitled “Geishas El Mundo De La Flor Y El Sauce” by Stella Caloni, from the Spanish magazine Revista de Geografia Universal. (A spin-off of National Geographic) This issue was published in 1982, but the photos are from the 1960s-1970s. The second photo is a close-up scan of this page

I also received scans from Jaki-san:

From the 1995 book Kyo-Maiko in 6 Quarters of Kyoto (ISBN:4-88591-436-1), seen here. This picture further connects the mon to Tama, because the red shibori hikizuri shown below was worn by Manaha of Tama okiya in December 2010. Ryuu-mori-Danna believes that the okiya which origally owned this mon was maybe the sponsoring okiya of Tama, or perhaps Tama used this mon until it could order obi with it’s own mon. He thinks it might also possibly be the okiya mon of Takeha, who is the older sister of all the “Tama” girls. (By the way, Tamakazu founded the Tama ochaya in 1972, and the okiya in 1987 according to his timeline on this photo)

Another scan is from this untranslated 1975 book, seen here. It depicts maiko performing the ceremony called Kanikakuni-sai.

So so far, we have scans of this mon from:
And a video from:

Hopefully in the future, more images of this mon will show up! Slowly, but surely, we are uncovering more information concerning it. It is my goal to eventually be able to identify the name of the original okiya which owned it, as well as discover just how, exactly, Tama got their hands on it. Of course, that also leaves us to answer why Tama has a total of three known mon currently in use. The mystery continues!


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