It’s Too Hot to Give A Lecture! (aka Ro Kitsuke)

Well, today I gave a lecture on geisha and kimono to my university’s East Asian Civilization students who were taking the summer course. I was so nervous, but at the same time excited!!! šŸ˜€ It went really well, I brought all my maiko hikizuri and my darari obi to show off, and wore kimono to display how they look when worn. (Hey, any excuse to wear kimono is a good excuse, right?) No pics of the lecture, sadly. My camera was left at home.

So, because I was going to be speaking to a class, I at first thought to wear my “Rainbow Cottage” houmongi….but then the weather today was 95F. (gah) Waaay to hot to wear anything but ro, and even that was pushing it! So I decided to go with a water-themed komon and obi to evoke a sense of coolness that I definitely was not feeling haha. This is another outfit I’ve been planning ever since I started collecting kimono, it’s the first time I’ve worn a fully ro outfit. It’s more subdued (I like to think?) than what I normally wear, at least in the accessory department.

This obi was my second-ever purchase from I love this to bits!

I had this really cute fish obidome….that absolutely refused to slid onto the obijime. >.< Nothing I tried worked! The obijime was just too big for the loops. So I went with an old shoe clip…which, by the way, make awesome obidome because all you have to do is clip it on and it wont slid around at all!

I found this really cute ro kimono overcoat. (I’m not sure what to call it….it has a michiyuki/douchugi front with kappogi sleeves)I just love the color! And I never thought I’d find something like it…I mean, if it’s hot enough to wear ro, one would think it’d be too hot to wear a coat, right? Maybe it was made for people like me who don’t listen to common sense haha.

My giant box of stuff from YJA came today as I was running out the door. I haven’t opened up my new sakkou katsura yet, but I did have enough time to unpack my new shibori kago bag. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is indeed the size that a maiko would carry, so it’ll be perfect for my maiko henshin! I was afraid it might be too small, as in the auction photos it was hard to tell what size it was.

It was extremely hot outside. I could only stand to be out of the shade for a few minutes at a time.

And finally, I wanted to show off my favorite juban ever. It’s my ro bunny juban! (Yup, there are bunnies hiding in the flower pattern. They’re printed in red and turquoise to make a checkered pattern, and are utterly adorable!)

By the way…I’ve learned that it is a bad thing for me to drive with otaiko musubi. I have a pole in my back from spinal surgery, and the makura sits ever-so-conveniently right on top of it when I drive. Makes for some serious back pain when I get out. Flat musubi for me from now on when driving! šŸ˜‰


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