Happy Easter Kitsuke!

Today I was supposed to work until 8pm, but we were so slow that I got sent home early. So I thought, what better way to celebrate Easter than with a little kitsuke? 😉

I’ve been wanting to wear this outfit for a while, but decided to wait until Easter because it reminds me of a colored egg. I actually did base the coordination off of an Easter egg in my house!

Today was a first for quite a few things kitsuke-wise. It the first time I’ve ever worn a haori..although why I did I have no idea, it was so hot outside today! I actually couldn’t wear it for more than a few minutes, so off it went after the photos were taken. I was also the first time I’ve ever used real padding and a kimono bra. (I must say, kimono bra…how did I ever live without it?) I also wore my new karyou-makura! (Yet another form of obi aid, specifically for tying otaiko musubi.)

I really like how my otaiko knot came out. I think I’ll be using the karyou makura to tie it from now on! I’m also getting better at tying the obiage and obijime, although I still need to work on those.

I noticed that the dandelions were blooming outside, so of course I had to stop and blow some for Easter wishes!!!

Here is my Easter basket, as well as the egg which inspired this coordination:


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  1. Bebe says:

    I love the wisteria kimono! And right in time for May- it’s like wearing sakura in the middle of March, looking ahead to the coming season. And the lace was a nice touch!

    1. I love this kimono so much! The lace actually came sewn on, part of why I knew I had to have it. 😉 I was a bit worried about the seasonality…that perhaps the gap before May might be a bit too much to wear wisteria. (even with looking forward to seasons) But in the end I think it wasn’t such a large gap that it wasn’t appropriate. (Plus, it was just too perfect to not wear on Easter!)

  2. Rebecca says:

    Wow, what an unbelievable kimono! I love your wild juxtaposition of colors and patterns! Perfect and very pretty for Easter…you inspire me! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! ^^ I hope to see a coordination from you soon!

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