Brutus Magazine Scans

In my latest purchase of kimono and kimono-related items from YJA, I nabbed several magazines, including KimonoHime volumes 3, 4, and 7, and Kimono Mio volume 2. I was also able to grab this: an edition of Brutus magazine from 1989 featuring maiko and geiko! I cannot read Japanese, but from looking at the pictures I’m thinking the article focuses on a particular geiko, who seems to have opened her own home-bar or tea house? (Although I could be totally wrong!) If anyone would be willing to translate these pages, or identify the maiko and geiko in them, please contact me! (So I can send you the larger images)

View the magazine scans on my Flickr: here.

In other news, I recently was in a car accident (everyone’s fine), had the main floor of my house re-varnished (banishing me to the basement), and had several major projects/papers due for college all at once. Due to these things, I’ve been rather absent the past few weeks, and sadly with little time for kimono or kitsuke ^^; Hopefully I can get everything done that needs to be and have some time by the end of the month to wear kimono again!!!


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