Resolutions? What Resolutions?

Every New Year’s, I make resolutions regarding the upcoming year. Should it be any surprise then, that I also make resolutions pertaining to kimono? 🙂

Last year’s goal was to not buy any more kimono for three months. I barely made it!

So here are this year’s goals:

●Make time to wear kimono somewhere at least once a month. No excuses!!!

●Buy a junior maiko wisteria kanzashi set

●Get enough accessories to comfortably dress at least two people.

●Have a professional photograph session in kimono.

●My collection must fit in the tatoshi I already have. If I buy, I must discard.


I have, however, broken one of my resolutions already:

●Don’t buy any more kimono until I have worn all the ones I already have at least once and photographed it.

I had a good reason for it, however:

Can you believe that this houmongi was only $22.00 USD?! When I saw it, I knew that I had to have it, regardless of my resolution. It looks just like rainbow-colored stained glass!

Here is a detail of the cottage scene:

You can see the individual brushstrokes! In a word, this kimono is absolutely gorgeous!!!


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