Coming of Age

Today is Seijin no Hi, or Coming of Age Day in Japan for many young adults who have turned 20 in the past year. It is a time of celebration and marks the passage into adulthood. I turned 20 this past September, and although I’m still not sure if technically my late birthday would mean that my particular Coming of Age Day would be next year…I dressed up anyway. Because seriously, how often does one get to wear furisode?

This was my first time wearing furisode ever, and also my first time wearing a fancier musubi knot with my obi. I used my vintage azumasugata to tie a variation of the Hanagoromo musubi. (An azumasugata is an obi-tying aid that sort of looks like a toilet lid lol, and cousin to the biyosugata. One first ties the obi on the azumasugata, then secures it on the back, kind of like a pre-tied obi.) Surprisingly, it was incredibly light and easy to wear. I used an obi aid since it would be almost impossible for me to have tied this musubi on myself. It took me three hours last night to tie the obi correctly on the aid, and I’m quite proud of it! That’s 14 feet of silk crammed into a comparatively small bow right there, folks. ;P

I used two obiage and twisted them around each other, then tucked the ends into the sides of the obi. I quite like how it turned out! I also used a special furisode obijime for the first time. Some may recognize this particular obijime because is owned by several members of the IG forums, myself obviously included.

My Shih-Tzu puppy Molly loved my furisode, coming over and laying on it as soon as I sat down anywhere. I guess she likes the feel of silk! Here she is rolling over for a belly-rub and hamming it up for the camera:

I stole my sister’s glasses for a few shots, and I fell in love. The world needs more glasses kistuke, in my opinion. Of course, I couldn’t resist being goofy…

And yes, I am talking on a banana phone.

I had a great time today, and for once I was perfectly happy with my kitsuke! Of course, it wasn’t perfect, but my ohashori was straight, my collars and date-eri didn’t conspire against me, my hair looked nice, I was able to tie a furisode musubi, my obiage cooperated, and I had an excuse to wear furisode! What more can a girl ask?


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  1. Diane says:

    I love this outfit so much, it’s so fun!

    I’m waiting on an azumasugata – do you have a link to the tutorial you used to make this musubi, or is it from a book you own?

    1. Thanks alot! I actually modified the musubi for February that Iyolin posted here. Since I have an azumasugata, not all the ties and stuff were located in the same place as the biyosugata, and mine is a vintage model to boot, so while I tried to follow as closely as possible, it ended up looking totally different haha. The biggest change was step 7, where I ended up folding the tied end into a rectangle instead of tucking it up. Here’s a closeup of it pre-wear that kind of shows what I mean (Sorry that the flower is covering up the knot part):

      Image and video hosting by TinyPic

      1. Diane says:

        Oh, haha! Thanks 😀

        I am gonna waste so much time playing with mine when it finally arrives.

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