IG Holiday Swap Gifts!

Over the holidays, there was a little something going on over on the Immortal Geisha forums known as the “Holiday Season Friendship Swap”. Each member of the forum who participated put down basic information as to their needs/preferences for kimono items, and were each assigned a secret swap partner. Kind of like “Secret Santa”, but with kimono. 🙂

Yesterday, I received my package from my “Santa”…forum member azusa.

There were so many cute little packages!!! And they all were wrapped in different colored wrapping paper, and decorated with these adorable animal stickers that I saved<3

Before opening:


I got a vintage-style wool hat, flower pin obidome, 6 haneri collars, a red flower bobbypin, rattan (?) woven clutch wallet, maroon flower tights, a “ribbon”-style belt, vintage geisha pins, and old-style Japanese business cards.

I absolutely loved everything! My swap partner actually coordinated a Taisho/1920s feel outfit for me using these accessories. They were a little worried that it might not be 100% my style, but personally, I think this is exactly the look I’ve always wanted to achieve. I was so excited to see that I had gotten this style of hat too…I have been looking for one like it for a long time! I’m already planning the outfit to wear using this coordination, so you should be seeing it sometime soon.

I especially loved these pins with pictures of vintage geisha inside!

And I’d never seen these kind of cards before….they are so cool!!! According to azsua, they are an old style of business card, which she bought in Old Town Niigata, Japan, from the store that sells the makeup for geisha and maiko in Niigata. The words on each card are the name of the color that the card is. (red, brown, blue) I’m going to frame them and hang them on my wall 🙂

I never expected to receive so many items, and there were little notes and stickers everywhere that made it really special to open! I’m really happy 🙂


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