Goodbye, Eri-chan!!!

Merry Belated Christmas to you all!!! 😀

Today was both a happy and sad day for me. Happy because I convinced my friends to let me dress them in kimono. Sad because I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Eri. She has decided to not return to the States next semester due to lack of funds for college. 😦 She stayed over at my house for a week and celebrated Christmas with me and my family. I probably won’t ever see her again, unless I can save up enough money to visit her in Japan in the future. (Which I really hope is what happens!) However, before she left, I did get her to promise to let me dress her in kimono. I also bribed my friend Kat into wearing one with us.

They chose which kimono and obi they wanted to wear, and I helped coordinate and dress them. I only own two semi-formal/formal kimono, so since they both decided to wear formal kimono for the occasion, I wore my formal komon. It’s really heavy and has shibori, as well as a textured surface. If the pattern wasn’t so obviously komon, I would probably peg it for a houmongi!

You might remember my mofuku obi which I converted into something more wearable by stenciling it with a headphone motif. (A long, long time ago…) Well, it finally makes its appearance! I tied each person’s obi in a different knot variation. In this photo you can see the three different musubi types. Starting from the left is bunko, then tsunodashi, and fiinally, otaiko.

We were on a time limit since Eri’s friend was picking her up soon, so I didn’t have time to sew anything. Otherwise, I would have used different haneri, probably a light blue or darker green, since the red just sort of blends in. As it was, I decided to wear a red shigoki obi to try and match the juban collar with the outfit.

Eri coordinated her entire outfit! She’s wearing a black fascinator hat to match her obi, but it blends in with her brown hair in the photos. Ah well. Since she’s wearing a furisode, we wanted to tie her obiage in a cute bow. (Although it’s a little hard to see in these photos, since they’re mostly from the left.)

My friend Kat is 4 foot, 11 inches…so dressing her was a real challenge! I’ve had cases where kimono were too small for me, but never too large! The collars came almost to her shoulders lol! She’s really cute though, and I’ve been trying for a year to get her in kimono, so I’m glad I finally got her to agree! (Even if I did have to bribe her with pasta for dinner…)

It was really cold outside today, because for the first time in almost 30 years, it snowed on Christmas Day in this area. So we ended up huddling up together on my porch to keep warm. 😉

You can totally see our “unique” personalities here lol:

Caption for this photo is: “Eri, don’t go!!!!” Or, alternatively, “Take us with you!!!”)

All in all, it took me just under an hour to dress all three of us. I think it’s quite an accomplishment, since I ran out of koshihimo, koshin belts, datejime, makura, and obi-ita. I ended up having to use extra obijime, socks, and tights lol! 🙄

Action shot with me using obijime as koshimo!

So I had a happy/sad day. I’m going to miss having such a great friend who doesn’t think I’m weird for wearing kimono and who is willing to listen to me talk about them all the time haha. However, we’ll keep in touch on Facebook and write each other, so it won’t be so bad. I hope you have a great time in Japan, Eri! One day I will come visit you and you can help me buy lots of kimono! ❤


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