Christmas Came Early at My House….

That’s one long obi!!! 505cm, to be exact. 😉 Boy was it hard to photograph, it spans my entire living room!

So, while it’s not short enough to be a han-darari, it’s not long enough to be a modern darari either. It appears that my baby might be a very short darari? It was pointed out to me on the Immortal Geisha forums that there are photos of shorter maiko who are wearing relatively shorter obi. A very short maiko would most likely be dwarfed by a 650cm obi (the length of most of the darari I’ve seen), so this makes sense. I’ve never seen a darari that was shorter than at least 600cm before though. It would’ve had to have been worn by a very short girl indeed!!! (Then again, girls used to become maiko at very young ages…so who knows? Unless contrary evidence appears though, I’m going to consider it a darari obi and not a minarai’s)

You can see above that the gold is a very shiny metallic. The obi is a woven silk, with the mon at the end embroidered on both sides. It’s double-layered, but the layers are very light. I think it might have been used for the the early fall/late summer transitional months. It’s absolutely gorgeous in real life, I can’t believe it’s mine! 😀

On a side note, I have tentatively agreed to make a video showing how to tie a darari musubi when I try wearing it. Not sure how that will go, but it’ll probably be a while before it happens because I want to make sure I can actually learn to tie it properly before I attempt to make a fool out of myself on camera. ;p

I also recently received the momi (red cloth wrapped underneath a geisha’s obi) that I bought at the same time as my darari. I seem to be a magnet for strange and un-indentifiable kitsuke items lately, lol, as as there are characters on the end of the momi. Perhaps it is the name of the person who wore it? I cannot read Japanese, but I hope to find out what it says:

The other end of the momi has some characters on it as well. They are almost invisible even when the cloth is held up close, so I think it’s a transfer stain. I could only make out one character, but there are several down the entire end length. I attempted to capture it on camera, but you can only just barely see if if you tilt the computer screen and know what you’re looking for:

Almost impossible to see, right? I plan on asking my friend Eri if she can make any sense of the characters. If anyone can read any of these characters, I would love to hear from you! 😀


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