Maiko Wig!!! <3

So, I have at long last got my hands on a maiko wig!!! It is the wareshinobu style, which is the style that junior maiko wear. (For more info on this and other maiko hairstyles, please see the Immortal Geisha forum topic.) It is very hard to find maiko-style wigs, because real maiko don’t use wigs. Instead, they have their own hair done at the hairdressers about once a week, and sleep on special pillows known as takamakura, which are rolled pillows on top of wooden blocks, so that the hairstyle is not ruined as the maiko sleeps. This particular wig is a dance wig that was washed and restyled:

The kanzashi are obviously not real maiko ones. I plan on selling them and buying real junior maiko wisteria kanzashi in the future. I also have to replace the butterfly pin in the back and tuck the kanoko (the red cloth in the back) in at some places before it can be more accurate. I put up quite the fight for this wig over on YJA, but they are so rare that I decided it was worth it. It is rather small for a wig though….55cm in circumference. My head is exactly that (Yes, I measured lol), so hopefully it will fit!!! Since it was a dance wig previously, hopefully it will have screws that I can use to adjust the wig to a larger size if need be. If all else fails, my dear friend Kat will find herself the victim of a maiko dress-up πŸ˜›

My collection is growing! Now to find a haneri, juban, and darari obi!


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  1. NigatsuBebe says:

    I just saw Maiko haneri up at Ichiroya, but I don’t remember how much they cost or if they are sold my now.

    In any event, if you can embroider well, you can get silk thread from japanese Ebay sellers (I think RyuJapan-99), and make your own on a regular red silk haneri.

    (gah- sorry! Should have noticed the Comment link is next to the post title…)

    1. I saw the ones on Ichiroya but I believe they were mislabeled….they look more like formal Meiji-era haneri than maiko ones to me. (Maiko have heavy white embroidery on a red background with golden flecks embroidered beneath the white, those haneri had silver kinkoma embroidery with no golden flecks)

      I have never tried embroidering, but I have considered making my own haneri before πŸ™‚ It would be quite the time-consuming process!!! I suppose I could, but maiko haneri also do pop up on YJA every once in a while. I am debating on waiting or tryin my hand out at embroidery ….I suppose it depends on which I am more patient for lol.

  2. Patricia says:

    OMG!! I looove it! ^^ it is really nice! I’ve been searching some wigs for the last few days but this one is the best I’ve seen (probably due to the fact that the other ones are more for a geisha and not maiko). Where did you get it?? :).

    I’m from Barcelona and each year we do what we call “salon del manga” (don’t know if you have heard of it) which is a large space where there are lots of shops of manga and anime etc. And some singers or drawers from Japan come also, and people go there dressed of their favourite character. This year I’m going as a maiko (well, it is more a combination of geisha too because the kimono and obi I just ordered to do don’t have too many things on them). Buuut, I don’t know what to do with the hair u.u xD because I’ve asked to some hairdressers but they all say the same “we don’t know how to do it”. So, the solution is to buy a wig. If you could tell me where did you get yours and how much it costed it would be great.


    PD: sorry for the mistakes! πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks! I bought it from YJA (Yahoo Japan Auctions, the Japan equivalent of ebay) They don’t ship outside Japan, so I used, which is a third-party company that bids on the items for you, then ships them to your house for a fee. You can also use, which is another third-party company. It’s much easier to search using by the way. You can search in either romanji or kanji/hiragana to find a wig…usually I use the term “maiko wig” “maiko hair” or “katsura” to find things. You can also use any combination of the terms maiko (θˆžε¦“ or 舞子) katsura (鬘) geiko (芸子) or geisha (θŠΈθ€…) . Maiko wigs are rather hard to find, and very expensive. I don’t remember how much mine was exactly, but it went for approximately 38000yen, which when you add in third party service fees and shipping, came to about US $450-500. As I said, expensive! If you don’t want to do a wig due to the cost, here is a tutorial for making a maiko hairstyle: Hope this helps, and good luck with your costume! Please let me know if you post pics somewhere so i can see the finished result. πŸ™‚

  3. Patricia says:

    Thank you!! =) Yes, I think I’ll try to use the tutorial, because I want the wig just for maybe 3-4 times in my hole lifa, so it’s a little bit expensive xDD I bought one wig last week, but it is mmm… quite “false” let’s say jajajaja I’ll probably use that one (if I don’t have any choice) and decorate it a lot so that you can’t see that it is so false. Or I will use this tutorial, we’ll see^^.
    By the way, do you know were I could get the getta sandals??? It is the only thing I’m missing now..
    Of course! When the day comes I will uploade lots of photographs! πŸ˜€ I will tell you where πŸ˜‰
    Thanks again!

    1. You can find both the regular geta as well as the okobo that maiko wear on ebay πŸ™‚ Just enter those names in the search field. You are welcome, can’t wait to see your photos!

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