How to Become Broke in Less than 30 Seconds….

Okay, so maybe the title is a little tongue-in-cheek…but seriously, maiko kimono are expensive!!!
Which I found out yesterday when I bought this beauty:

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with owning a maiko‘s kimono for a while now….and I finally have one in my collection! It’s a very light pink background, with a design of clouds and multi-color matsu (pine) needles. I’m so happy!!! Unfortunately, this also signals the end of purchasing kimono for quite a while for me. (If I weren’t allergic to them, I’d be living on beans right now…:/)

I also recently purchased this Taisho-era furisode. You can’t tell in the picture, but it unfortunately has faded from a deep black into a dark grey background due to sun exposure. In my opinion though, it’s still wearable. It’s my first older furisode, and I’m really excited about it!

I also bought this dance katsura (traditional Japanese wig). It needs to be lightly combed through and have a few dust specks removed, but I think that with a little elbow grease I can get it looking like new again. 🙂 I plan on slightly reshaping it and adding different accessories to make it look more like a geiko‘s katsura, so I can wear it with my green iris hiki. I found this one on ebay…it’s very rare to find a katsura for sale on there that’s not meant for a traditional Japanese wedding. And yes, one can definitely tell the difference between one that is meant for a bride and other forms of wigs!

As you can see, I have been very busy auction-wise lately. I’ve made a resolution to not buy any more kimono items unless they’re maiko or geiko-related…and even then, only if they match. Now it’s time to start saving money!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ohiokimono says:

    AH HA! So you got that black furisode, I was wondering who would get it.

  2. Eva says:

    Oh, I wish I was as lucky as you! That hikizuri is beautifull!

    1. I count myself very lucky indeed! 🙂
      (I was stalking YJA for several months looking for hikizuri lol. It can be done!)

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