An Ode to Summer

Yesterday was my 20th birthday, so naturally, kitsuke was in order!

I’ve been wanting to wear this ensemble all summer, but only recently received all the items that I needed to wear it. It’s the ro outfit from the post “Purple Ro Komon”. Since it’s September, I’m kinda pushing it with wearing ro….but hey, it was my birthday, so I wore whatever I wanted to! 🙂 (Including snow geta with a ro outfit!)

Everything in this outfit is ro, with the exception of the green obiage, because my only ro obiage is, coincidentally, the exact same color as the obi. I really love this kimono, even though it insists on showing up in pictures as blue when its actually a pretty dark purple. (I’m not sure what it is, but kimono that are this color tend to do that a lot…) It was my first time ever wearing ro, and oh was it nice! So light and airy compared to my hitoe….I was actually much cooler wearing this than I had been in a tee and shorts earlier that day.

I tried for a more mature feel with this outfit…less haneri and obiage showing, since I am no longer a teenager (but still young!), and it’s a running joke in my family that me and my twin brother are old people. (Oh, and please ignore the fact that I desperately need a dye job and a haircut haha.)

We went out for ices at a local ice-cream place for our birthday. We hung out for a while just chatting under the shade while we ate in the summer heat. It was a very relaxing and fun day before we went home to eat dinner. It seems that I am getting more confident in wearing kimono outside; I was very confident and less worried about what people thought about me this time. I think that it’s because I was surrounded by my family and friends and we were having such a good time that it just seemed so natural. It helps that they’re used to me wearing kimono by now (even if they think it’s really weird lol).

I tried to mix it up with the obi a bit. It was way too short to wrap around my waist twice and still have the design centered on the front, so instead of doing it the “correct” way, I wrapped a hairband around the shorter end and used it to create a little fan above the top of the obi, instead of threading it through the drum like normal. I like how it turned out…I think it’s kinda cute ❤

This was also my first experience with using an eri-sugata, or fake juban collar. I have to say that I prefer the real juban, as the sugata turned out to be hard to keep in place and kept creeping up my neck. It was also itchy and making my collars look weird. It’s okay in a pinch though, or if it’s just too hot to wear a juban.

You can see the true colors of the kimono in the photo above. Strange how lighting can drastically change the color, huh? It makes ebay auctions interesting, if nothing else haha.

In other news, my tatewaku hikizuri and a Taisho-era furisode also came yesterday. How about that…the presents I bought myself for my birthday actually came on my birthday! The hikizuri kind of reminds me of a minarai‘s one, (the training stage before becoming a maiko), because it has an all-over pattern, padded hem, shorter sleeves, and shoulder tucks, but no sleeve tucks. It is rather small though, and I discovered that it has some extra fabric sewn up in the sleeves, so I’m planning on opening that up and seeing what’s going on with this hiki. It’s a very interesting piece! I’m really glad to have gotten it in time for my birthday.

It’s quickly becoming Autumn where I live. There’s only a few weeks left before the weather starts getting cooler and the leaves begin to change. So no more ro for me. Ah well…adieu, summer! I’ll miss you….even if fall is my favorite season. ;p


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