Love is Pink

I recently bought the above hikizuri from kimono super-seller Ichiroya. Seems I can’t help myself when it comes to the hikis haha. I’ve been pining away for this piece for over a year, and I finally gave in and bought it. It’s just so cute and adorable! It reminds me of the hiki worn by the maiko Momotaro (on the right) in this photo owned by the founder of IG. It’s very faint, but you can tell that her hiki is also full-patterned tatewaku. (The name of those wavy purple lines you can see on mine)

The only problem is that it is very small and as such I am too tall to wear it trailing, like a hiki should be. So my current plan is to bribe one of my good friends, Kat, into modeling it for me. (When she saw the complete outfit I have planned, she declared that the outfit had too much pink for her tastes haha! She will look very cute in it regardless :))

It is a little hard to see, but in the photo below it shows that there are shoulder tucks in this hiki. Traditionally, maiko hikizuri have shoulder and sleeve tucks in them, but the sleeves on this hiki are shorter than a maiko’s, and it has no sleeve tucks. Perhaps it’s a minarai‘s? It does have an all-over pattern and is pretty bold, but it is also on the small-ish side. Not small enough to be child’s by any means, but not large enough (I think) for a modern-day woman either. I am not quite sure about this one.

I also bought the below fukuro obi to wear with it. Ichiroya dated it as being pre-WWII and it is fully patterned and dyed on both sides, very rare for a fukuro obi! However, that is what makes it perfect to be a fake han-darari obi (the type of obi worn by minarai). It has a yukiwa (snow-crystal) design, and I love the pattern! (See what I meant by very pink? ;))

I have also bought a red obiage to embroider as a fake maiko haneri…whew, am I ever setting myself up for a lot of work or what? It comes from having an expensive hobby while being very cheap lol. I also plan on using silver fabric marker to create my own maiko obiage in the future.

Hours upon hours of embroidery, here I come!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. molla says:

    what a wondeful kimono!!!

    1. Hello! 🙂 Thank you, I love it very much! ❤

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