Dianthus Meisen

My Japanese friend Eri came and stayed at my house for a few days! Her dorm at our college wasn’t open until later in the week, so I sort of kidnapped her haha. We had previously agreed to exchange gifts once she had returned from spending the summer back in Japan, and can you guess what she got me? Kimonohime Volume 9!!! ❤ (Kimonohime is an yearly kimono haute-couture fashion magazine) Ah, Eri, you know me so well…it must have helped that throughout the summer all I could talk about was kimono lol. We stayed up all night and she translated almost everything in it because I kept on asking her what so-and-so meant or how much that kimono was haha! The kimono and accessories inside that magazine are expensive….$200 for a pair of zori? So not happening! (Although, they were really cute black-and-white checkered ones…) I’m so glad to have a friend that would get me a present that I’ve secretly been wanting for so long!

So anyways, after reading it and drooling over the kimono ensembles inside, I was kind of inspired to create a really crazy outfit. With as much color and pattern as possible lol. I think I managed to exceed my goal?

I tried to tie a bunko musubi, but it ended up looking like a cross between bunko and tateya?! I figured that I sort of liked the way that it looked, so I left it that way. The bow started out nice and neat, but it ended up getting squished in my front door as I left the house. 😦

It was pretty muggy out today, so I didn’t really go anywhere. Just walked around a bit outside and had dinner with the family. My mom recently had foot surgery, so I dressed up, in part, to cheer her up with a colorful outfit since she’s stuck inside for quite a while and can’t really go anywhere 🙂 I hope that it worked!

Edit: Ichiro Wada, owner of Ichiroya.com likes my outfit! 😀


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