Hikizuri Love

I finally did it…I bought my first hikizuri!!! This is the kimono most associated with geisha, and the term references how it is worn: trailing behind the wearer. (The term is sometimes shortened to the easier-to-type “hiki”.) According to the seller, this piece is from around the Taisho era. I do not know much concerning the different kinds of hikizuri, but I do know that the sleeves look too short for it to be a maiko’s, and there are no sleeve or shoulder tucks. (The seller had the same opinion). Perhaps a geisha’s? It just doesn’t really scream “dance hiki” to me, but I could be wrong. It is a very long hiki…190.5cm. I shall have to wait until it comes in the mail to see. Anyway, it is absolutely gorgeous!!!

I love the light green color, it’s so soft and sophisticated! There are a few stains…there is some red color transfer where the obiage would have been, as well as some fading on the front left panel. Otherwise though, it’s in pretty good condition. The leaves on the top are willow, and the flowers along the bottom hem are iris. (Two motifs that I am beginning to really like) I also love the soft yuzen-style coloring and gradation of the iris petals. To summarize, I am in love!

It was quite expensive, but I figured that there are some things that need to be jumped on before they’re gone and you regret not getting them. This was definitely one of those things! The only problem is that I’ve now fallen to the problem that plagues so many hiki-lovers….I want a whole ensemble. -.- Which is…very very expensive in the long run haha. Ah well, it’s a dream and a future goal….

I also bought this maiko henshin susoyoke (the bottom half a two-piece hadajuban, or “kimono underwear”).

IG member 花魁の美 was selling it, and I am the lucky winner after a battle for it on ebay. As of last count, this makes my total 1 pair of okobo, 1 hikizuri, and 1 susoyoke. It’s not much, but I am slowly making my way towards having an ensemble that will allow me to pretend to be a maiko lol!

EDIT: I found that the sleeves on the green iris hiki had been previously altered. I do not know when this was done, but whoever did had sewn it with different colored thread, and the corners are finished very strangely in a bunching sort of way….which makes me positive that it was not a professional who did it. It might mean that the sleeves were once longer, and that it is possible that this was once a maiko hiki. Who knows? I’m hoping to find a photo of it someday being worn. I guess I’ll know for sure, then. 🙂


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  1. ume_bloom says:

    Awesome hikizuri!!! Where on earth did you find it?

    1. Thanks! ^^ I bought it off ebay from this seller: blueoxedoxie. They had several up, but there’s only one left now. (On IG, there’s some links in the “Hikizuri Listings” thread that show the ones that were up) The seller also has some nice accessories and regular kimono up.

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