V is for Vintage and Victory

Well, it’s definitely not ro, and boy, do I wish it was! This was quite literally the kitsuke from hell. I have no idea what possessed me to wear anything even closely resembling awase (lined kimono) in 96F weather. While the kimono itself is a very lightweight hitoe (unlined), my juban was a heavier padded hitoe and my obi was stiff awase. I actually broke one of the cardinal rules of kitsuke (kimono dressing) by doing this….lined kimono go with lined obi and unlined kimono go with unlined obi. It’s pretty much common sense….don’t wear heavy clothes in summer, or short sleeves in winter. However, I wanted to use a black obi for this coordination, and all my black obi are lined, I didn’t like any of my unlined obi with it, and my heavy juban was the only one that fit this kimono. You use what you have, right?

A lot of things went wrong with this outfit. I could only get one of the geta on my feet no matter what I did. (including trying to loosen the straps) I had to use two obijime because my otaiko knot kept slipping and it still came out lumpy and misshapen every time I tied it. And on my way out the door my sleeve got caught on the doorknob and ripped almost to the shoulder!!! My obiage also kept slipping, and to top it all off, whoever had stored my juban must have been anal-retentive, because there were 6 (!!!) individual running baste stitches per sleeve alone that ended up taking me an hour to unpick. (Kimono’s layers are basted down prior to storage. They have to be removed before being worn) Quite frankly, by the end of it all I was sweaty, frustrated, and pretty much cursing whoever had it out for me today lol. 😉

That said, I loved how it turned out. I was going for a very vintage 1930’s Taisho-era feel, and I think that this coordination achieves that. (Thanks very much to IG member ume_bloom, who came up with the coordination!) My crocheted hat also makes a second appearance!

Here is a close-up. I love the haneri, which has a fuji (wisteria) motif.

This is my dream kimono, in part because of its big, bold pattern that is pretty much fluorescent haha. I’m very sad that it got ripped. I don’t exactly trust myself to sew it back together…I can do a basic running stitch and that’s about it. I guess I won’t be wearing it again until I can bring it to a seamstress.

Overall, despite the horrible time I had getting into this outfit, I love it. In the end, I feel that it was a successful, if slightly…colorful kitsuke experience.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kat Hensley says:

    Um hellooo~
    Send it my way Misheru and I shall see if it’s something I could repair n.n

    1. Ah, maybe it is! You”ll have to come over and see the rip for yourself.

  2. Diane says:

    I do love how this turned out!

    I’m still really keen to see this kimono with the headphones obi though; hopefully you can get it fixed and wear it again, maybe when the weather’s cooled down enough 😉

    1. I was actually planning on wearing it again with the headphone obi, but then the sleeve ripped….:/ No worries, I’ll definitely try it out once it’s been repaired! 🙂

      (It will probably be once it’s cooled down a bit, like you said. The headphone obi is also awase, although thankfully not quite as heavy as this one.)

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