Happy 4th of July Kitsuke!!!

To everyone living in the United States…Happy 4th of July!!!! I was supposed to work the whole day today, but when I unexpectedly got sent home early I figured I’d celebrate Independence Day by dressing up in my version of a “Red White and Blue” yukata.

I wore my wave-patterned koubai yukata, which is 50% see-through cotton weave in which the threads form a distinct lattice-pattern, which you can see below. I also wore my asanoha (hemp-leaf) patterned hanhaba obi. The style of musubi bow that I am wearing is called Kai-no-Kuchi, also known as “Clam’s Mouth”. It was my first time trying to tie it, and I tied it a bit too small, so one side kept slipping and pointing down while folded in on itself instead of pointing up and being open haha. You might have also noticed that this time I decided to wear some non-traditional shoes…hot red kitten heels! They are very comfy and I felt that they made walking in yukata easier as well as being stylish!

In addition to it being the 4th, today also marked a momentous occasion for me…it was the first time I wore kimono in public! Me and my sister went to the local store to buy ice-cream and soda, and I figured that since I didn’t want to bother changing out of my yukata just yet, I might as well go in it. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I’d be, but I’m sure that part of that was because I had someone go with me and there weren’t so many people in the store since they were all out watching fireworks. Still, I was blushing like crazy when I got to the checkout counter!! I’m pretty sure I didn’t even make eye contact with the cashier….I suppose I’m a bit shy after all. I did it though! And here is the proof:

Yes, I’m a Vanilla Bean person. Root Beer Floats is all I have to say.

All in all it was a very fun and exciting day! And to all who serve the United States in the Armed Forces, past and present, thank you for your sacrifice. We can continue to live in freedom because of you and those who have come before. Thank you for serving our country!


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