Purple Ro Komon

This baby is my latest win:

It’s a long-sleeved ro komon (summer casual town wear) with a sort of abstract-y Iris motif. I absolutely love long-sleeved kimono, but I really go wild over anything with long sleeves that is ro. (Ro is a summer fabric. In the picture above, what looks like lines through the fabric are actually hundreds of tiny holes. This is done to make the fabric lighter and cooler. Usually the rows are horizontal, but vertical ones do exist. Vertical rows would be called “tate-ro”.) Ro kimono are usually worn from July to August in the seasonal chart, so very soon I will be able to wear it!

I am planning on pairing it up with this ro obi:

This obi has a very unique pattern, called Hana-Ikada, or “Flower Raft”. Court nobles used to put flowers on small bamboo rafts, then launch them into a river and watch them float away as a form of entertainment. The rafts are made of bamboo with notched ends tied with cords, and can be shown with the rafts intact, or with the cords undone and the bamboo coming apart. (like the obi above) The flowers on this particular raft are Dianthus. (also known as “Pinks”)

I think that these two will go very well together in terms of color and motif. Since the kimono and obi are both ro, and Iris and the Dianthus are both summer flowers, I think that it will be alright to pair these two flowers together. Although if one wanted to get technical, Iris is more early summer (around May/June) while the Dianthus is more of a late summer (June-August) flower.

I cannot wait for it to come in so I can wear it! Now, if only I could find a ro juban the same size….this kimono is a bit of an odd ball in it’s measurements, so I might end up having to use an eri-sugata (easy collar) to fake the look of wearing a juban.

Time to go shopping…

(Note: I would like to thank the ladies on IG for the info concerning ro and hana-ikada)


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  1. claw789 says:

    If they were flutes, the notches would run all along the length of the ‘stick’.

    1. Yes, I can see how that would be true haha. 🙂 When I first got it though, I thought that they might be flutes becuase I had never heard of “hana ikada” before. But of course that’s silly, because there would indeed be flute holes along the shaft. Thanks for all the great help in identifying the motif! It’s now one of my favorite designs, and I’ve started to collect it.

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