Mystery Ticket

This is an old ticket that I found in a hidden pocket of the obi in this post. I’ve always wondered what it says…is it a ticket? An old laundry stub? Something completely different? Thanks to the lovely people on Immortal Geisha, I now have a slight idea.

According to Franzeska and SuzumeOdori, two lovely ladies on IG, the large print on the front says something like, “Premium Ticket. 1st Floor, Row 2”, and that the text going down the right side on the front says “Admit one”. The text going down the right side of the back says “Attention”, and is followed by a list of rules. So it is a theater or performance ticket, so cool!

The rules seem to pertain to regulations of photography and seating. What is interesting is the the rules are written only in katakana and kanji, when they would usually be written in hiragana and kanji. According to the Wikipedia article on katakana, this was something that was in common use before the 1980s for various things such as computer systems and telegrams. So I suppose that it would make sense if this ticket was printed before or during the 80s for it to be written in katakana. It was tucked in an obi from the Showa era (1926-1989), so it’s entirely possible. I really wish I could read Japanese and see what the date is!

The purple stamp seems to have the date, and thanks to the aforementioned ladies, I know that the kanji on the front are: 中座 壹等觀覽券. I do not know what any of it says since I cannot read Japanese, but I would love to one day know everything that is written on this ticket, no matter how mundane. I wish I knew what performance this was for, that would be really amazing to know!


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