Colorful Kasuri

While I’m probably pushing the rule of switching from awase (lined) to hitoe (unlined) kimono around the beginning of June, it’s just too hot right now to even consider wearing lined kimono! This is another one of my favorite kimono…a hitoe kasuri with a motif of what looks like a “Tic-Tac-Toe” board. Very bold and bright! I paired it with a tsuke-obi (pre-tied) that has the end part of the obi sewn into a triangle….very unusual!

I had a problem with the collars separating in the back since the kimono has full-width collars that refused to stay still even when I pinned them down with bobby pins! But I am very happy that the haneri’s embroidery can be seen at last! (This is the same nagajuban from the previous post) The knot on the obiage is a also a bit too big, but other than that I think I did a pretty good job…I am steadily improving!

Please note: This is not my bike. It is in fact, my dad’s, but I was told by my sister that I must pose with a bike and so I did. My bike is much smaller haha, if I tried to ride this one, I would have to lean forward very far! But if I were to actually ride a bike in kimono, I would definitely wear split hakama (Trouser-like pants worn on top of kimono). Don’t want to flash the neighbors lol! O.o

I really like this last photo…I feel it captures the true colors of the juban and showcases it nicely against the kimono. I feel like my coordination is getting much better, and with every outfit I wear I like wearing kimono more and more!


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  1. Hi. The tic-tac-toe design is actually a motif representing a Japanese well, it’s a popular motif and sometimes seen as a mon (crest) too

    1. Thank you very much for telling me that! This is one of my favorite motifs. Do you happen to know if there is a technical term for this particular design?

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